Bad, blogger, bad!

My original idea for blogging was to write each week. Well, that just didn’t happen.  I was lucky enough to tag along with Mr. C to Key West for a business trip. He worked. I ate. He had face time with clients, I had face time with a few books. Happy days… For me, at least. Actually, Mr. C enjoys his job and the people he gets to know along the way. Having meetings with the ocean on your right and palm trees on your left, doesn’t hurt either.

photo (38)

Key West – first time there – was a surprise for me. I was under the assumption, based on its popularity as a vibrant, wild & crazy tourist town, that it would look like a Disney inspired Mardi Gras party place with floats and beads and feathers everywhere; maybe with some choreographed dancing breaking out in the streets (that would be my kind of town!). No so much. It was even better. Key West is a REAL place.

photo (40)

There were dressed up houses and t shirt shops; but there were places like this (it’s for sale, hon!) and roosters crossing the street. If I were clever I would insert a why did the chicken cross the road joke here… It truly is a unique spot. Hope to go back again. When I do, I’d like to see what the Garden of Eden is like…a clothing optional club. Do you think people ever sit on the bar stools there??? Ew.

Back to food, glorious food. I was spoiled enough to eat out every meal. Wonderful breakfasts of omelets and eggs benedict; fresh guacamole and flat bread for lunch; and of course everything Key Lime I could get my hands on. Martinis, pie and ice cream. It was all divine – but everything  is better in the Keys…even rainy days.

photo (39)

Signing off. Samson the giant dog is playing his ‘in-out’ game. Wants to go outside, only stare at the door wanting to come back in.

photo (41)

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