It’s Raining Men

Hah. I wish! During the last few days, one (minor) mishap after another has rained down upon me. Messes and mix-ups. Minions that do not want to be creative with their Valentine Day mailboxes (what do they think Pinterest is for!? Come on, people – I have every pom pom, sticker and pipe cleaner you could imagine!). Minions that do not want to write their names on teeny tiny cards (over and over again – can you blame them, really.). The minion that tells me that they need a cookie cake TODAY. Not next week when it’s their Shining Student week. No, that is a different special day. The cookie cake is for the birthday celebration. And also not for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day party. That requires additonal treats.

And lastly, of COURSE there is the minion that puts off homework and needs help with pages and pages of math – she doesn’t get it and neither do I. And who can do math after 8pm anyway? That’s Wine O’clock in my book. Miller Time. The I-Am-Done-With-Adulting period. Where’s my union for this grievance??


Last night, during Wine O’clock, I thought it would be fun to make air popped popcorn. Since I was jetting between kiddos and their chores/homework/fights/are you wrestling or beating the crap out of your brother because the screams just sound the same time; I failed to notice that somehow the lid on the popper blew off mid-popping. Come into the kitchen to find popcorn all over the counters and floor. Not a big mess, but still a little annoying. When trying to pull out the last stick of butter for the popcorn, ‘someone’ (that would be the only person in our house taller than me and my boys haven’t hit growth spurts yet) decided that one lone egg should balance preciously on top of a few items on the very highest shelf in the refrigerator. Crash. Splat. Ugh. Luckily, Samson The Giant Dog helped clean up that mess. Thank you, Hoover! He’s is great as a vacuum, but his archenemy IS my vacuum. That thing is evil and is going to kill our family. Good thing he is protecting us. Carry on, Samson.


…if it did really rain down men, I would hope that they would come in and help with the vacuuming, the math homework, and maybe carry those Christmas light storage bins up to my attic. It would be much appreciated. I will take care of any spiders or mice and the Pinterest projects.

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