On The Road Again

The past few weeks have been wonderful. The fam did the traditional Midwest Migration (as in road trip) to Florida for spring break. The kids were amazingly good spirited for such long days of travel and Mr C drove The. Whole. Way. There (and back!). The only reason for his gallantry is that he HATES my driving. I am a 10 and 2 on the wheel / check my blind spots / speed up, slow down kind of driver. Such a shame I had to nap thru six of our glorious states… I guess the only downfall was that Mr C was then in charge of the music selections. It was a road trip thru the 80’s. That’s Night Ranger on the radio…


We spent a lot of time at rest stops and zero time at Waffle House. The sheer number of those restaurants intrigued me. Why are there so many? Are they good? Why do so many people just hang out outside of Waffle House? Never seemed to see a wait for a table…

Once we made it to our lovely beachfront condo, we were able to unwind and enjoy the sunny days and beautiful nights. We did all of the fun things that Florida and warm weather offer up: beach days, fishing, aquariums and sun burn relief. photo (72)
When we made it back, I realized we had neglected to do ANY of the assignments given to the minions for spring break. Oops. We were able to get all of the math and science done, but there wasn’t any way we would be able to read the number of days or minutes required. After some thoughtful introspection, I decided to come clean to one of the minion’s teachers. This is what I wrote:

Dear Mrs. Curtis,

Our family is going to be completely honest with you. We could have made up times, dates, and books read, but instead we want to clearly state that our son DID NOT PICK UP A SINGLE BOOK OVER BREAK.

The reading log was left at home and then promptly forgotten about. We spent our spring break surfing the waves, learning about sea creatures, and walking and talking along the shore. We saw Winter and Hope (the dolphins) and read about marine life and how we impact their environments. We spent time with a fishing guide who explained the details on the six species of fish the kids caught. We saw Fort Knox and walked the ruins of a Civil War fort. I may have shirked my reading responsibilities as a mom for a week, but promise we will make up for it. In fact, my minion probably already has – he is a reader – much like his mom.

My apologies.
Mrs C

After that quick week home, I was personally able to sneak away from all adulting for a quick cruise to the Bahamas. Just a few girlfriends and a whole bunch of laughs. I get so excited for days in the sun and nights on the dance floor that I go crazy with my packing. It is the only time I truly get into accessorizing my outfits. Probably the only time I actually have ON matching articles of clothing… Despite waaay over packing, I still managed to get it all in one carry on suitcase. All about the tuck and roll, baby!

photo (78)

photo (76)


And now, those Pina Coladas in the sun are just a memory and I am back to the rain at the ball park. Spring/Summer baseball has begun.

Hoping for warmer weather soon – those tropical breezes need to visit me here!!



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