Left Behind

There are days when a picture speaks louder than words. After the minions got on the bus a few weeks ago, I found these left behind on the coffee table. THEY ARE CLEAN. Left behind by the middle one when he changed into fresh clothes before school. Which means that the socks and underwear he went to school in are from the day before. A little mortified, but it is a classic boy move.

Left behind

But as the end of the school year approaches, I begin to care a little less each day. No more perfect parenting. The skills be gone. As evidenced in the Great Scrapbooking Event. Every third grade class has the wonderful opportunity to create a wonderful scrapbook of their wonderful school year. I. Cannot. Stand. This. I have to spend $10 on the disposable camera and $15 on developing the pictures! Yes, if I were a put together kind of mom, I would whip a coupon out of my Thirty-One brand organizer that coordinates with my Thirty-One brand tote that matches my Thirty-One brand trunk storage bag. And little birds and happy mice would sing a little song for me as I whistled while I worked.

All of that time and money to get pictures like this.Great pic

Great memories…

After receiving those priceless (pricey) photos, the kids get to plaster them all over a ($20 plus a trip to Michael’s JUST for this) 12” x 12” scrapbook. Why so freakin’ LARGE? I don’t even have a wedding album of that size!

This year, I rebelled. I took parenting love to a new low. I did this.


That’s right; I took out my middle son’s scrapbook pages and gave the final minion his brother’s scrapbook from last year. It had a little glue on it, but Elmer’s washes right off. Done and done! I think he will survive. And I am looking forward to seeing his year in pictures. Really!

And I am really looking forward to summer. Really! But check back with me in August on that one…


One thought on “Left Behind

  1. My son came home from school, and suddenly realized he’d been wearing two pairs of underwear all day. Guess he just threw on a new pair over the old ones, and my youngest wore his pants to school, backwards, and I never noticed until he got home. Mother of the year, I am 🙂

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