Summer Journal in July

JULY 2016

Summer – Days #52
Travel to the Twins Cities for a Twins game!
Twin ball

An even better view…Bud SignEven travelling, I still am around baseball!

Summer – Days #50 – 51
Getting away from the minions is a lot work. The planning, the prep and the persuasion needed to get someone to look after them while you’re gone is exhausting. Left Friday afternoon, battled traffic, met Mr. C for a dinner party, then hightailed it home the next morning. Got to listen to an epic battle over cheese curds on Saturday. Middle minion did not want to share his GIANT pile of deep fried cheese and taunted his sister relentlessly with the possibility of having. just. one. I was never so happy to see an empty takeout container before…

Summer – Day #49
Thug Cats do not make packing easy!!
Cats and packing

Summer – Day #48
Some plans just sound better on paper (or in an email). I think I need a nap or a drink.

Summer – Day #47
More baseball and baseball fields even when there isn’t a game. Food truck rally at the sports complex!

Summer – Day #46
More Pokemon Go!! Is is bad that I tell my kids they must research tips and tricks for this game? I even make a minion find PokeStops while driving. Even if they do not need to run the errand with me, I try to convince someone to come with me.

Summer – Day #45
Some how I do not feel my workouts are that effective when I have a very large Thug Cat watching me like this:  …it’s like I am doing my crunches wrong or something…

Cat watcher

Summer – Day #44
Signed copy of book: $24
Quick unhealthy lunch: $13
Hours in the car (one way): 2

Seeing your daughter meet her favorite author in person….PRICELESS

There’s some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Mom and Dad”

Summer – Day #43
More neglected things. A lovely fountain. Beautiful hydrangeas. And a weed. Do not worry, that little weed is not alone. He has a lot of friends in our yard during baseball season.

Beauty and the Weed

Summer – Day #42
Giving back to my community. Overdue library books. Typical me.

Library Books

Summer – Day #41
Pool Jump

My day was a page out of a spring break trip. I had tons of fun in the sun (with the kids), BUT I lost my wallet, have a strange bite on my hand that I don’t remember getting and I got gum in my swimsuit bottom. I rock.

Summer – Day #40
This afternoon we went to see The Secret Life of Pets. Want to know what a movie theater smells like on a hot summer day when school is out? Farts and band aids. You’re welcome.

Secret Pets

Summer – Day #39
My mom is mildly surprised I have kept up this blog. Me too.

Summer – Day #38
3 games + 3 losses = 1 sad team.

Summer – Day #37
Mo’ Baseball. Mo’ Waterpark. Mo’ Laundry.

Summer – Day #36
Random thought:
Just drove by a man that looked just like a 56 year old version of Butthead from Beavis and Butthead. Would have shouted out, “I am Cornholio…” but my kids would have repeated that All. Day. Long.

Summer – Day #35
This kind of sums up the day. A big dog and a bottle of wine named after one of my minions. Maybe I should get a bottle with a name of everyone and anything that annoys me… Think I would need a case or two…


Summer – Day #34
Creative pancake eating in the morning.


Pokemon Go in the afternoon.
Kids don’t realize it is a lot like geocaching. Which they don’t think is very cool. But I do.

Summer – Day #33
Hey kids! Want to go to the pool? A beach? The zoo? No? The MALL?? Ok…
Ooh, look!! Mom candles!!

Wine candlesThey didn’t really smell so good…
Accurate for a wine cellar…which really don’t smell so good…

Summer – Day #32
Vacation has definitely ended.


Summer – Days #22-31
All Quiet on the Midwestern Front.

My posting has been nonexistent since we traveled up north to our little cabin in the woods. No WiFi (wha?? Can people really exist without it??). Spotty cell service. No cable tv even. But. We. Survived.

…do not be too impressed. We had our tablets and a Wii system. Parents have survival instincts that know what is needed in an emergency…

Sunrise ERMisty sunrise – Northwoods, Wisconsin

A trip to the Northwoods brings out the best in our family. We spend the days on the water and the nights around the campfire. Ice cream and marshmallows are consumed with relish. And near daily. Childhood fun comes easily – with hula hoops and sand castles and a board game named Poopyhead. Leave it to my all-boy minion to find that gem (it really is hilarious!)!!

PoopyheadPoopyhead The Board Game and A Cabernet – A Classic Pairing

Time is spent together as a family of five and also with aunts and cousins and best friends since preschool – beach days, miniature golf, go karts and pirate ships.

Pirate ShipMy Heart Will Go On

And the annual visit to a classic soda shop. With real phosphates!!

PhosphateCherry Phosphate Phun

We watched the eagles dive for fish. Herons wading in the reeds and little ducklings paddling behind their mother. We even rescued an ailing turtle. We named her Lola. She was a showgirl. She was a brave, little turtle that took lettuce from our hands. We hope that she is doing well at the wildlife rehabilitation center.

Lola TurtleLola in the Lake

Big or little memories – it is a vacation – and a view – that never gets old.
Happy Summer!

sunset er


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