The Wildlings

Corona Time, Day 2

The Wildlings Have Arrived.

And if you fall, don’t scream. You don’t want that to be the last thing she remembers.
— Tormund Giantsbane

Our school district doesn’t go live until tomorrow. So today was deemed a free day. I had emails to send out, groceries to order and worked on the Great Home Purge of 2020 that started a few weeks ago. 

The kids were left alone. All day. I could tell they still were around by the sheer amount of dishes in or near the sink (that is a step in the right direction!!). I didn’t hear much from them. Except for one asking for lunch, one asking when their pc parts were being delivered (3x) and the oldest asking for a ferret. ???

I also found an empty cookie dough wrapper in the trash. It’s a new package, from one of the most recent grocery runs. I am not sure what I should be more concerned about, the raw cookie dough, the amount (the package was NEW) eaten, or how FAST these kids will go through our food supplies.

They even missed a chunk in the corner of the package. But it made it in the trash. And for that, I am thankful.

Tomorrow starts the schooling. Let the learning begin!


The Final Countdown

So this is it. Five days left of school. Every teacher, every parent, every kid has a calendar somewhere just ticking off those days. FIVE.

We are now at the typical WHATEVER WORKS TO GET US THRU stage.

Reading logs, school projects, tests…let’s just turn something in. Shorts that are too short, shoes that are falling apart…haircuts…let’s just wait until next week. Let’s just get thru this!

This week, I refuse to put any more money in their lunch accounts. They are now reduced to making & taking a lunch. Since the final days are upon us, I am happy to help make those last few nutritional nuggets. Those sumptuous sandwiches that most likely will come back half – or not at all – eaten, crackers crushed to fine grit and empty juice pouches – straws still stuck in them – leaving their sticky film all over that lunch sack. Whatever. Just. Five. More. Days.

Here is a typical “beginning of the school year” lunch:


Deli Turkey on Fresh Pretzel Bun / Cucumber Slices / Berry Infused Water

Here is what was on today’s WHATEVER WORKS lunch menu:


Peanut Butter Taco / Cheezits / Apple Slices / Gatorade or Juice Pouch

As you can see, Peanut Butter Tacos are nothing special at all. It’s been my way to get the kids to excited about a piece of bread with some peanut butter on it. It was especially handy when I would have a small child hungry, whiney, and overtired and I just needed them to eat and eat quick. I don’t even need a plate. One slice of bread can fit in a mom’s hand – slap that PB on it, a quick fold and there is a PBT! WHATEVER WORKS.

Are These Clean?

Um, sure they are, son. Just wear them!

A weekend of baseball and kid karting usually means laundry doesn’t get done as much as I would like. Today I realized 20 minutes before the bus was due that one kid was missing some article of clothing that was actually clean. For 10 seconds, I contemplated and calculated – if I turned the washer on Express and the dryer on High, threw in a few towels to help the drying process would I get a clean pair of shorts…yea. NO. That would be pushing it.

So. WHATEVER WORKS. Grab the first pair, quick smell test (moms are brave like that) and here ya go.

Mom, really. Are these clean?
I said yes. Just wear them!
(and why does it matter all of a sudden??)

This is the same kid who will not change his underwear daily. I know. I find the clean ones still on his dresser. Clothes are gone. Clean underwear left behind.

This is the same kid who is happy to sleep in the same clothes he wore all day  – most likely for sports – and continue to wear them until someone – me – orders showering and a fresh change of duds. That could go on for days without intervention, I’m thinking.

So, here we are. That WHATEVER WORKS TO GET US THRU stage. That same feeling we had last year and the many years before. FIVE DAYS TO GO. Even I am excited for that final bell ring at the end of this week. I am excited to see the kids run off that bus for the very last time this year.

Just as I will be excited to see that bus again come September.

So summer – come on in. I am glad you are here. And stay awhile!

Summer Journal in July

JULY 2016

Summer – Days #52
Travel to the Twins Cities for a Twins game!
Twin ball

An even better view…Bud SignEven travelling, I still am around baseball!

Summer – Days #50 – 51
Getting away from the minions is a lot work. The planning, the prep and the persuasion needed to get someone to look after them while you’re gone is exhausting. Left Friday afternoon, battled traffic, met Mr. C for a dinner party, then hightailed it home the next morning. Got to listen to an epic battle over cheese curds on Saturday. Middle minion did not want to share his GIANT pile of deep fried cheese and taunted his sister relentlessly with the possibility of having. just. one. I was never so happy to see an empty takeout container before…

Summer – Day #49
Thug Cats do not make packing easy!!
Cats and packing

Summer – Day #48
Some plans just sound better on paper (or in an email). I think I need a nap or a drink.

Summer – Day #47
More baseball and baseball fields even when there isn’t a game. Food truck rally at the sports complex!

Summer – Day #46
More Pokemon Go!! Is is bad that I tell my kids they must research tips and tricks for this game? I even make a minion find PokeStops while driving. Even if they do not need to run the errand with me, I try to convince someone to come with me.

Summer – Day #45
Some how I do not feel my workouts are that effective when I have a very large Thug Cat watching me like this:  …it’s like I am doing my crunches wrong or something…

Cat watcher

Summer – Day #44
Signed copy of book: $24
Quick unhealthy lunch: $13
Hours in the car (one way): 2

Seeing your daughter meet her favorite author in person….PRICELESS

There’s some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Mom and Dad”

Summer – Day #43
More neglected things. A lovely fountain. Beautiful hydrangeas. And a weed. Do not worry, that little weed is not alone. He has a lot of friends in our yard during baseball season.

Beauty and the Weed

Summer – Day #42
Giving back to my community. Overdue library books. Typical me.

Library Books

Summer – Day #41
Pool Jump

My day was a page out of a spring break trip. I had tons of fun in the sun (with the kids), BUT I lost my wallet, have a strange bite on my hand that I don’t remember getting and I got gum in my swimsuit bottom. I rock.

Summer – Day #40
This afternoon we went to see The Secret Life of Pets. Want to know what a movie theater smells like on a hot summer day when school is out? Farts and band aids. You’re welcome.

Secret Pets

Summer – Day #39
My mom is mildly surprised I have kept up this blog. Me too.

Summer – Day #38
3 games + 3 losses = 1 sad team.

Summer – Day #37
Mo’ Baseball. Mo’ Waterpark. Mo’ Laundry.

Summer – Day #36
Random thought:
Just drove by a man that looked just like a 56 year old version of Butthead from Beavis and Butthead. Would have shouted out, “I am Cornholio…” but my kids would have repeated that All. Day. Long.

Summer – Day #35
This kind of sums up the day. A big dog and a bottle of wine named after one of my minions. Maybe I should get a bottle with a name of everyone and anything that annoys me… Think I would need a case or two…


Summer – Day #34
Creative pancake eating in the morning.


Pokemon Go in the afternoon.
Kids don’t realize it is a lot like geocaching. Which they don’t think is very cool. But I do.

Summer – Day #33
Hey kids! Want to go to the pool? A beach? The zoo? No? The MALL?? Ok…
Ooh, look!! Mom candles!!

Wine candlesThey didn’t really smell so good…
Accurate for a wine cellar…which really don’t smell so good…

Summer – Day #32
Vacation has definitely ended.


Summer – Days #22-31
All Quiet on the Midwestern Front.

My posting has been nonexistent since we traveled up north to our little cabin in the woods. No WiFi (wha?? Can people really exist without it??). Spotty cell service. No cable tv even. But. We. Survived.

…do not be too impressed. We had our tablets and a Wii system. Parents have survival instincts that know what is needed in an emergency…

Sunrise ERMisty sunrise – Northwoods, Wisconsin

A trip to the Northwoods brings out the best in our family. We spend the days on the water and the nights around the campfire. Ice cream and marshmallows are consumed with relish. And near daily. Childhood fun comes easily – with hula hoops and sand castles and a board game named Poopyhead. Leave it to my all-boy minion to find that gem (it really is hilarious!)!!

PoopyheadPoopyhead The Board Game and A Cabernet – A Classic Pairing

Time is spent together as a family of five and also with aunts and cousins and best friends since preschool – beach days, miniature golf, go karts and pirate ships.

Pirate ShipMy Heart Will Go On

And the annual visit to a classic soda shop. With real phosphates!!

PhosphateCherry Phosphate Phun

We watched the eagles dive for fish. Herons wading in the reeds and little ducklings paddling behind their mother. We even rescued an ailing turtle. We named her Lola. She was a showgirl. She was a brave, little turtle that took lettuce from our hands. We hope that she is doing well at the wildlife rehabilitation center.

Lola TurtleLola in the Lake

Big or little memories – it is a vacation – and a view – that never gets old.
Happy Summer!

sunset er


My Summer Journal

Thought I would keep a (brief) running log of our summer days. The highlights (or lowlights!) of what goes on in our home life on a daily basis. My kids are great, we do TONS of fun things thru the summer, but they really have a special talent for briefly driving me nuts. Love them to pieces!

JUNE 2016

Summer – Day #21
Let the packing begin!

Summer – Day #20
Wrapped up another session of Livestrong at the Y. I hope I motivated everyone as much as they inspired me with their strength, spirit and sense of humor.

Summer – Day #19
To Samson, The Giant Dog:
“You can keep your chicken! Just give me the underwear.”

Samson and friendWhat is left of Mr. Chicken, the squeak toy.

Summer – Day #18
Good news: Kiddo cleaned the mud off his LeBron ($$$) basketball shoes. Bad news: He did it on the kitchen counter. Guess those Clorox Wipes commercials don’t lie.
Cleaning shoes

Summer – Day #17
Teaching the minions how to use chopsticks. For the umteenth trillionth time. Keeps them occupied and impresses them (slightly) that I know how to use them.
And we used our free food coupons from the library reading program.
Kids read! Mom doesn’t cook! Win-win!

Summer – Day #16
Day at the Public Museum. Middle minion’s sense of humor.
Big Nose
Do not worry. They get a lot out of going to museums and historical sites. I still allow them to express themselves when (slightly) appropriate. I believe a sense of humor is one of the BEST survival skills you can have in life!!

Summer – Day #15
Tire Flat
My Day (sung to A Partridge in A Pear Tree)

One flat tire
Two friends over
Three different classes (boot camp, golf and battle bots)
Four battling kiddos (in the mini van)
Five root beer floats (one big mug for me)
Six kids now playing

And a broken bathroom blind!

Summer – Day #14
Strawberry picking is complete and we have our jam! This year’s labels:
Happy Jam, Slaughtered Berry Jam and Faertt’s Jelly Jam (I told the kiddo that Fart Jam would be gross – so he changed the spelling). Creativity abounds in our household.
Summer Jams

Summer – Day #13
June 22, 2016 Daily Horoscope:
Don’t stress out over unforeseen events today, Virgo.
Spent 2 ½ hours in urgent care having a minion checked out for a strained neck and possible broken hand. Classic summertime accident – clotheslined by a tennis court net. He’s ok, no broken bones per x-ray, but he has to rest for a couple of days. Bumbles bounce…guess kids do too!

Playground time was a little boring for him, but he had a friend to hang out with.
Boy and dog

Summer – Day #12
Woke up to vertical vomit from one of the cats. Van decided to lock itself while I put my shopping cart away – purse, phone and keys safely contained, resting on the passenger seat. Groceries in there too. Lunch consisted of listening to one kid picking on the size of his brother’s head. Going to the beer garden in the park versus the planned trip for haircuts and library books sounds better and better…

Summer – Day #11
Nothing better on a 90 degree day than to visit a local pool.
Kiddos immediately equated it to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid pool…
Wimpy Kid Pool
Hidden gem of a park not too far and not too crowded. And $2 a kid!!

Hope the boys didn’t have too much of an eyeful walking thru the men’s locker room. Pool locker rooms are always wet and creepy. Never fails that there is some unidentifiable smell in there too…
Wimpy Kid Locker Room

Summer – Day #10
Too much baseball and waterparks. Perfect June day.

Summer – Day #9
Baseball and waterparks. Perfect June day. No (major) fights!

Summer – Day #8
The Great War of Earbuds 2016.
Who knew that those plain white noise reducers could spark such noisy arguments as to which pair belongs to each kid. How they can identify their pair versus their siblings is beyond me. I think the bickering began before we even made it out of the driveway for a two hour road trip!!

Summer – Day #7
Talking to a locked bathroom door:
Me: You ok in there?
Kiddo: I have one of those ‘acid poops’.
Me: (pause) Is it on the floor?
Kiddo: No.
Me: Sigh of relief.

Summer – Day #6
Lazy morning in bed…until I remembered I was subbing a class that am. Good thing the brain kicked in early enough to get there in time.

Summer – Day #5
Fun at the zoo day. Best part was listening to the kids’ fake animal facts. Heard them saying that the black lemurs were infant gorillas whose tails will fall off as they mature. Wonder if the little ones believed them…
A zoo classic.

Summer – Day #4
“DO NOT pull your dog around by it’s teeth.”

Summer – Day #3
Second sleepover of the summer commences.

Summer – Day #2
One minute and 48 seconds into brother’s baseball game, “I’m bored.”

Summer – Day #1
One sibling chucked a remote at the other’s head (on a good note, they put the groceries away, no questions asked!).



Bring It On

Today is the last day of school. Today, no lunches to be made (or complained about). Today, no homework to remember (or forget). Backpacks and lunch sacks were brought home for the last time. This is how one backpack was found. Reading logs that never made it out of the backpack. Maybe never made it out of the desk until today. His winter coat came home this week too. Not sure how long that has been at the school and where – since it was a crumpled up mess of its former self. I also found the letter “warning” of the human reproduction lessons. From  month ago. Good thing he let me know ALL the details of this education. Still likes to bring it up. Oy.

Crumbled Papers

The last day of school still brings back memories of the excitement of leaving the school for the very last time until fall. The excitement of knowing summer is here and the days are filled with fun – doing only amazing and wondrous things (and a few naps). But then I bring back the memories of last year. While we did so many awesome things, it sure did seem like my kids were staying in a hotel while the housekeeper was cleaning around them. And they never left a tip. My fault. I LIKE to clean (not that you can tell somedays at my house). I LIKE to be organized (liking something and being successful at it are two very different concepts). The cleaning and organizing traits must be recessive genes because my minions do not like to do either of those things*.

That being said. I am going to HELP them this summer. We have always had family responsibilities, chore charts and to do lists; but this year I made it really (sort of) pretty! Look what I spent way too much time on yesterday (curse you, Pinterest)! We have a Summer Fun List of 95 things to do. We have a new menu plan and a new (and expanded!!) chore chart.

Command Central

Note Mom’s bumper sticker from Rebel Coast Winery. That’s a dose of reality most Command Centers on Pinterest DON’T have. Keepin’ it real for you folks….

The DREADED 5-15s (kids hate that one) is on the board too. I tend to hearken back to my old marketing days and come up with flashy catchphrases for our home life. Like a Peanut Butter Taco!! How fun!! How creative – it’s like fusion cooking!! It’s really just one slice of bread with peanut butter on it folded over. No plate to clean. Kid is happy. Momma is happy. All for a 10 second meal. Beat that Iron Chef.

The 5-15s is just 5 fifteen minute tasks that the kids have to complete to either earn electronics time or cash. It’s totally flexible because that is how I need to roll. Sometimes I make crap up on the fly (or fly on a crap…Ha! Killin’ myself here). They are getting wise to my ways, but I am holding out for as long as I can. The list contains 5 things they need to do each day. They still collapse on the floor in agony when I bring up the 5-15s, but really most tasks take less than the 15 minutes. That is only 75 minutes out of a long summer day. I think they can manage. And not every 15 is a CHORE!! Still not sure why they would complain. That must be a gene they get from their dad. 🙂

The 5-15s

  • Home Check – A quick spin around the house to find anything they left out. Straighten up any errant pillows on the sofa; collect small mammals, rocks, socks or ancient gum wrappers that may have been left out.
  • Chore A Day – ONE stinkin’ little chore. It’s extra to their regular home responsibilities. This one is the knife in the heart for them. Quite entertaining to listen to their moans. We should receive some Oscars or Tonys over here.
  • Reading – How bad of a mom is this? Find a book. Pretend to read. Just Put. The iPad/Phone/DS. Down.
  • Outdoor Time – Changing this from school work for the summer. Little buggers need to get outside once in a while. For vitamin D and such. It makes the house really quiet. It makes the minions really tired.
  • Pet Care – An awful repercussion of begging for furry critters to live with you in your abode. Sorry kids, we warned you! And you PROMISED to help take care of them. We used to rotate those chores (feed cats, feed dog, let dog out) but that led to lies and confusion. Everyone insisted that THEY were the ones that fed/watered/pooped the animal last. Now it’s simple. One has dog doody (a pun, I’m so funny today), one has dog feeding and one has cat feeding.
  • EXTRAS – The youngest minion (in his utter perfection of sunshine and happiness) added another star option of Extra/Happy and one for Bad Work. I love it! He knows I do not like a lack of effort (laziness). Neither does he. To get him riled up (yes, most parents do this to their offspring on occasion), I use the words EPIC FAIL. Drives him nuts. He still knows I love him.

Summer Boat

So on this gloomy June day, I say send them home, teacher. I got this.

Extra Notes…
*To be fair, the youngest minion does love to be organized. He places (hundreds and hundreds, maybe millions) of stuffed animals on his bed with extreme precision. Makes changing sheets a sheer joy for mom. Ha.

Here’s another reality check. This is what the ‘command center’ looked like before.
If it were in an art museum, I would have entitled it, “Art in Life. Still No. 414”.

Wall of Mess

Left Behind

There are days when a picture speaks louder than words. After the minions got on the bus a few weeks ago, I found these left behind on the coffee table. THEY ARE CLEAN. Left behind by the middle one when he changed into fresh clothes before school. Which means that the socks and underwear he went to school in are from the day before. A little mortified, but it is a classic boy move.

Left behind

But as the end of the school year approaches, I begin to care a little less each day. No more perfect parenting. The skills be gone. As evidenced in the Great Scrapbooking Event. Every third grade class has the wonderful opportunity to create a wonderful scrapbook of their wonderful school year. I. Cannot. Stand. This. I have to spend $10 on the disposable camera and $15 on developing the pictures! Yes, if I were a put together kind of mom, I would whip a coupon out of my Thirty-One brand organizer that coordinates with my Thirty-One brand tote that matches my Thirty-One brand trunk storage bag. And little birds and happy mice would sing a little song for me as I whistled while I worked.

All of that time and money to get pictures like this.Great pic

Great memories…

After receiving those priceless (pricey) photos, the kids get to plaster them all over a ($20 plus a trip to Michael’s JUST for this) 12” x 12” scrapbook. Why so freakin’ LARGE? I don’t even have a wedding album of that size!

This year, I rebelled. I took parenting love to a new low. I did this.


That’s right; I took out my middle son’s scrapbook pages and gave the final minion his brother’s scrapbook from last year. It had a little glue on it, but Elmer’s washes right off. Done and done! I think he will survive. And I am looking forward to seeing his year in pictures. Really!

And I am really looking forward to summer. Really! But check back with me in August on that one…


On The Road Again

The past few weeks have been wonderful. The fam did the traditional Midwest Migration (as in road trip) to Florida for spring break. The kids were amazingly good spirited for such long days of travel and Mr C drove The. Whole. Way. There (and back!). The only reason for his gallantry is that he HATES my driving. I am a 10 and 2 on the wheel / check my blind spots / speed up, slow down kind of driver. Such a shame I had to nap thru six of our glorious states… I guess the only downfall was that Mr C was then in charge of the music selections. It was a road trip thru the 80’s. That’s Night Ranger on the radio…


We spent a lot of time at rest stops and zero time at Waffle House. The sheer number of those restaurants intrigued me. Why are there so many? Are they good? Why do so many people just hang out outside of Waffle House? Never seemed to see a wait for a table…

Once we made it to our lovely beachfront condo, we were able to unwind and enjoy the sunny days and beautiful nights. We did all of the fun things that Florida and warm weather offer up: beach days, fishing, aquariums and sun burn relief. photo (72)
When we made it back, I realized we had neglected to do ANY of the assignments given to the minions for spring break. Oops. We were able to get all of the math and science done, but there wasn’t any way we would be able to read the number of days or minutes required. After some thoughtful introspection, I decided to come clean to one of the minion’s teachers. This is what I wrote:

Dear Mrs. Curtis,

Our family is going to be completely honest with you. We could have made up times, dates, and books read, but instead we want to clearly state that our son DID NOT PICK UP A SINGLE BOOK OVER BREAK.

The reading log was left at home and then promptly forgotten about. We spent our spring break surfing the waves, learning about sea creatures, and walking and talking along the shore. We saw Winter and Hope (the dolphins) and read about marine life and how we impact their environments. We spent time with a fishing guide who explained the details on the six species of fish the kids caught. We saw Fort Knox and walked the ruins of a Civil War fort. I may have shirked my reading responsibilities as a mom for a week, but promise we will make up for it. In fact, my minion probably already has – he is a reader – much like his mom.

My apologies.
Mrs C

After that quick week home, I was personally able to sneak away from all adulting for a quick cruise to the Bahamas. Just a few girlfriends and a whole bunch of laughs. I get so excited for days in the sun and nights on the dance floor that I go crazy with my packing. It is the only time I truly get into accessorizing my outfits. Probably the only time I actually have ON matching articles of clothing… Despite waaay over packing, I still managed to get it all in one carry on suitcase. All about the tuck and roll, baby!

photo (78)

photo (76)


And now, those Pina Coladas in the sun are just a memory and I am back to the rain at the ball park. Spring/Summer baseball has begun.

Hoping for warmer weather soon – those tropical breezes need to visit me here!!



Livin’ La Vida Local

Once upon a time, there was a girl that worked hard and loved to travel. One day, she met a guy that also worked hard and loved to travel. And so they did. Not necessarily in that order.

The world was as large as their travel budget. And off they went. Alone and together, they saw London and Rome. Prague and Taiwan. She got crazy lost in Paris. He got crazy taxi rides in Moscow. Their whirlwind love affair with adventure happened stateside as well. New York City, Boston, DC. California and Colorado. Hawaii and other sandy beaches far into the ocean.

Love flourished. And as their love – then family – grew, their travel miles shortened. Trips closer to home were the new normal. Maybe it was out of necessity, but home became more and more magical; especially when seeing things thru a child’s eye. After years of travel and living abroad, it was time to enjoy what was around them. And find new adventures in the here and now. Livin La Vida Local, baby!

It is amazing the things that you do find in your own backyard. A few weekends ago, the minions and I decided to bundle up and head out to a Sky Circus on Ice. To be more specific (i.e. honest), I dragged little minion butts off the sofa Sunday morning and, with a reward (i.e. bribe) of McD’s for breakfast, we made it to the resort on the lake with plenty of time to buy a kite, fly it and freeze while waiting for the “official” kite launch. At LEAST thirty minutes late. Which is a really, really long time in 20 degree weather with a VERY strong wind coming off a really, really big frozen lake. But, in the end, it was pretty neat. There were little kites, stunt kites and giant kites in the shape of fish and birds and garden gnomes (didn’t expect that one). This rainbow kite had to have been over thirty feet long!

Giant Kite

Most importantly, it was pretty cool to see the minions’ smiles when their very own kite was sailing high into the grey, winter sky. Or maybe their faces were frozen that way. Couldn’t tell. The snow was covering my eyelashes.

Kite Wonder

I enjoy finding adventures, they are around us the more we look. No passport needed!


It’s Raining Men

Hah. I wish! During the last few days, one (minor) mishap after another has rained down upon me. Messes and mix-ups. Minions that do not want to be creative with their Valentine Day mailboxes (what do they think Pinterest is for!? Come on, people – I have every pom pom, sticker and pipe cleaner you could imagine!). Minions that do not want to write their names on teeny tiny cards (over and over again – can you blame them, really.). The minion that tells me that they need a cookie cake TODAY. Not next week when it’s their Shining Student week. No, that is a different special day. The cookie cake is for the birthday celebration. And also not for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day party. That requires additonal treats.

And lastly, of COURSE there is the minion that puts off homework and needs help with pages and pages of math – she doesn’t get it and neither do I. And who can do math after 8pm anyway? That’s Wine O’clock in my book. Miller Time. The I-Am-Done-With-Adulting period. Where’s my union for this grievance??


Last night, during Wine O’clock, I thought it would be fun to make air popped popcorn. Since I was jetting between kiddos and their chores/homework/fights/are you wrestling or beating the crap out of your brother because the screams just sound the same time; I failed to notice that somehow the lid on the popper blew off mid-popping. Come into the kitchen to find popcorn all over the counters and floor. Not a big mess, but still a little annoying. When trying to pull out the last stick of butter for the popcorn, ‘someone’ (that would be the only person in our house taller than me and my boys haven’t hit growth spurts yet) decided that one lone egg should balance preciously on top of a few items on the very highest shelf in the refrigerator. Crash. Splat. Ugh. Luckily, Samson The Giant Dog helped clean up that mess. Thank you, Hoover! He’s is great as a vacuum, but his archenemy IS my vacuum. That thing is evil and is going to kill our family. Good thing he is protecting us. Carry on, Samson.


…if it did really rain down men, I would hope that they would come in and help with the vacuuming, the math homework, and maybe carry those Christmas light storage bins up to my attic. It would be much appreciated. I will take care of any spiders or mice and the Pinterest projects.

Bad, blogger, bad!

My original idea for blogging was to write each week. Well, that just didn’t happen.  I was lucky enough to tag along with Mr. C to Key West for a business trip. He worked. I ate. He had face time with clients, I had face time with a few books. Happy days… For me, at least. Actually, Mr. C enjoys his job and the people he gets to know along the way. Having meetings with the ocean on your right and palm trees on your left, doesn’t hurt either.

photo (38)

Key West – first time there – was a surprise for me. I was under the assumption, based on its popularity as a vibrant, wild & crazy tourist town, that it would look like a Disney inspired Mardi Gras party place with floats and beads and feathers everywhere; maybe with some choreographed dancing breaking out in the streets (that would be my kind of town!). No so much. It was even better. Key West is a REAL place.

photo (40)

There were dressed up houses and t shirt shops; but there were places like this (it’s for sale, hon!) and roosters crossing the street. If I were clever I would insert a why did the chicken cross the road joke here… It truly is a unique spot. Hope to go back again. When I do, I’d like to see what the Garden of Eden is like…a clothing optional club. Do you think people ever sit on the bar stools there??? Ew.

Back to food, glorious food. I was spoiled enough to eat out every meal. Wonderful breakfasts of omelets and eggs benedict; fresh guacamole and flat bread for lunch; and of course everything Key Lime I could get my hands on. Martinis, pie and ice cream. It was all divine – but everything  is better in the Keys…even rainy days.

photo (39)

Signing off. Samson the giant dog is playing his ‘in-out’ game. Wants to go outside, only stare at the door wanting to come back in.

photo (41)