Livin’ La Vida Local

Once upon a time, there was a girl that worked hard and loved to travel. One day, she met a guy that also worked hard and loved to travel. And so they did. Not necessarily in that order.

The world was as large as their travel budget. And off they went. Alone and together, they saw London and Rome. Prague and Taiwan. She got crazy lost in Paris. He got crazy taxi rides in Moscow. Their whirlwind love affair with adventure happened stateside as well. New York City, Boston, DC. California and Colorado. Hawaii and other sandy beaches far into the ocean.

Love flourished. And as their love – then family – grew, their travel miles shortened. Trips closer to home were the new normal. Maybe it was out of necessity, but home became more and more magical; especially when seeing things thru a child’s eye. After years of travel and living abroad, it was time to enjoy what was around them. And find new adventures in the here and now. Livin La Vida Local, baby!

It is amazing the things that you do find in your own backyard. A few weekends ago, the minions and I decided to bundle up and head out to a Sky Circus on Ice. To be more specific (i.e. honest), I dragged little minion butts off the sofa Sunday morning and, with a reward (i.e. bribe) of McD’s for breakfast, we made it to the resort on the lake with plenty of time to buy a kite, fly it and freeze while waiting for the “official” kite launch. At LEAST thirty minutes late. Which is a really, really long time in 20 degree weather with a VERY strong wind coming off a really, really big frozen lake. But, in the end, it was pretty neat. There were little kites, stunt kites and giant kites in the shape of fish and birds and garden gnomes (didn’t expect that one). This rainbow kite had to have been over thirty feet long!

Giant Kite

Most importantly, it was pretty cool to see the minions’ smiles when their very own kite was sailing high into the grey, winter sky. Or maybe their faces were frozen that way. Couldn’t tell. The snow was covering my eyelashes.

Kite Wonder

I enjoy finding adventures, they are around us the more we look. No passport needed!


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