Coffee au Awesome

Today has not started out that great. Lots of little annoyances and three big ones. As in the three HUGE poops that Samson the Giant Dog left in the front hall. Yes, I know this is the recipe section of the blog and I really shouldn’t talk about gross things, but as a mom, this kind of dialogue is a daily occurrence and it seems completely normal to me to discuss within a food conversation.

So on these kinds of days, I need a mini escape. A small attempt to gather up my former self of stylish grace and loveliness and composure (at least that is what I remember, sticking to my guns on that one, ha!). A small attempt to forget the current self of messy kitchens, yoga pants and pony tails, and missing homework. Just a few moments to catch my breath. It is easy to do with this coffee.


Coffee au Awesome

6-8 oz hot coffee (I use my French Press; makes me feel fancy)
1 tbs coconut oil
1 tbs grass fed butter* OR coconut or almond milk (vanilla would be a swell choice)
Optional additions: Whatever you like in your coffee. Vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa…rum…

How To:
Brew coffee. Pour in blender with oil and butter and blend. Find a quiet spot in the house and enjoy!

*Don’t freak out about the butter – that is what cream is anyhow! Remember, I am a vegetarian (no meat) so I need a little fat here and there (a little more HERE on my body (points to boobs) but definitely not THERE on my body (points to thighs).

This is a great way to make those expensive Starbucks type drinks at home. Save those gift cards for your “getaways”… Getaways as in hiding in the bathroom or those “necessary” trips to the grocery store. A friend of mine once told me (when her kids were really little), she would leave the minions at home with her husband on a Saturday morning. She would grab her shopping list, give them all a kiss and head off to Starbucks for her favorite drink. During her visit to the grocery store, she would slowly make her way down Every. Single. Aisle. I remember her saying that she would even walk down the pet food aisle while acknowledging to us the fact that she didn’t even have any pets. Gotta love what moms do to get away. Enjoy your moments!

Emmett Awesome


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